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David is a celebrated Memphis-based Artist who feels the Heart & Soul of this Great city in every brushstroke of paint applied.


Drawing at an early age, it spiraled over the years from one art course to another leading to the University of Memphis Fine Arts department. This was the launching pad into a career in Art and becoming a professional Painter.

“In a drawing class I remember the instructor stated, ‘Never outline your art in Black Lines” – my reaction was, “‘Why not???.” I have never been one to follow instructions very well, so now ALL of my art has black outlines.

From that time on he continued his passion to create a different style unique to his own personality and inspirations.

“I think as an artist it is important to pull from all of your influences in life and two of my main ones are Music and Travel. Being from Memphis, it was inevitable that this city’s Soul & Rhythm coarse thru my veins and influence my Art. Along with music, As I travel thru different countries I immerse myself in their culture, incorporating aspects in each new painting in hopes of adding a touch of international flavor.”


That leads to asking how does all of that apply itself to the paint on canvas:

“Each painting begins with a composition of a scene which has a certain flow and rhythm so that your eye travels across it while at the same time a mixture of vivid colors convey a sense of mood. Maybe it’s a certain time of day or it could be the expression on a face. I want to create pieces that skew the usual everyday scenery and that are bold and energetic.”


A few of the charities David works with include: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, STAX Academy, The Grizzlies Foundation, BRIDGES, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, The Orpheum Theatre & the American Heart Association.

Added to that are certain accomplishments such as: 2011 Blues Music Awards, 2009 Memphis Redbirds Yearbook, the 2009, 2010, & 2011 Beale St. Wine Race Posters, 2009 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, multiple covers of Memphis Downtowner Magazine and the CD artwork for FreeWorld’s From the Bluff.

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